Killer Triceps & Biceps Superset Exercise | Parker Physique

Cease losing time and begin incomes some new inches with this intense biceps and triceps exercise from Primeval Labs athlete Parker Physique!
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| Parker Physique’s Killer Biceps & Triceps Exercise |
1. Inside/Exterior Rotation Heat-Up
2. Superset
a. Triceps Pressdown: 4 units, reps to failure
b. Dumbbell Curl w/ Fats Grips: 4 units, reps to failure
3. Superset
a. Single-arm Cable Triceps Extensions: 4 units, reps to failure
b. Hammer Curls w/ Fats Grips: 4 units, reps to failure
4. Superset
a. EZ-Bar Cable Curls: 4 units, reps to failure
b. Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension: 4 units, reps to failure
5. Single-arm Cable Curl: 4 units, reps to failure

The train of option to construct your biceps is known as the curl, however there are lots of variations that hit the three main elements of the biceps muscle group: the lengthy head, the quick head, and the brachialis. It isn’t simply the precise actions that make these 5 biceps routines distinctive. By manipulating quantity and rep targets, and including post-failure strategies, you may take a newbie’s exercise and make it a major-mass builder, and even enhance the pace of your exercise for a leaning-out section.

What’s value remembering: When your elbows are in entrance of the aircraft of your physique (as when doing preacher curls), the biceps lengthy head is not in a position to totally stretch, so these sorts of workouts higher goal the quick head. Additionally, when your arms are behind the aircraft of your physique (as when doing incline-bench curls), the lengthy head is totally stretched so it picks up the better load. Even transferring your palms out and in when doing barbell curls adjustments the emphasis, so it is value exploring the various variations right here.

You may additionally need to strive workouts that shift the place of your palms—whether or not supinated (palms up), pronated (palms down), or impartial (palms going through in). These refined shifts make a determined distinction in what space of your higher arm is engaged to the fullest.

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