15 Tips to Gain Muscle Fast and It’s Not All Exercise

While some gain muscles fast and easily, others find it hard to bulk up. If you’re a ‘hard gainer’, this video is for you! We’ve gathered 15 effective tips to build muscle fast. One of them is to start eating properly: junk food won’t do and if chicken breasts sound too boring, there’re other options. Check them out! Let us know in the comments, which tips work for you.

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0:00 Sleep can help you gain muscle!
0:30 What to eat to get big muscles fast
1:00 Muscle-building exercises for beginners
1:33 How to do squats for rounder glutes
2:21 Don’t make common workout mistakes
2:59 How to build MASSIVE arms
3:28 How to do reverse crunches to build abs
4:37 Do you stretch before or after a workout?
5:06 Nutrients to include in your diet for muscle growth
6:45 What are HIIT cardio sessions?
7:13 Monitor body fat loss, not total weight loss

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